Monday, November 26, 2007

Ten Things I Do to Myself That Are Not Nice

1. Shower with the water hotter than what is comfortable.
2. Forget to take pain killers when I have a headache till it turns into a migraine.
3. Eat more chinese dumplings than my stomach can hold.
4. Wear my tight jeans on days when I'm feeling bloated.
5. Wear shoes that I know give me blisters.
6. Squeeze pimples that don't need squeezing.
7. Stay up till 3 reading reviews on Amazon on a work night.
8. Put off doing my laundry till I've run out of clean underwear and towels.
9. Avoid calling my parents for so long that when I do it becomes 'an issue'.
10. Spend my last $40 on books on a Monday when I know I don't get paid till Friday.