Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Street style - How it should be done

It's fashion week and the streets are being overrun with the tall, the thin, the over-dressed, the chic, the self-important, the awe-struck, the flamboyant, and occasionally, the divine.

Case in point...

When I asked this lady (because she most certainly is a lady) if I could take her picture, her first response was not a shy "Um, ok" or suspicious "What for?", but a very sincere and simple "Thank you". I melted right then and there (so much so that the photo came out a little fuzzy, for which I earnestly apologise).


Anonymous said...

I saw this woman in Burke Street last week. She looked absolutely amazing and had sunglasses like you wouldn't believe.

feed the girl said...

Yes I saw those too. She hid them behind her skirt for the photo.