Thursday, June 04, 2009

Feed Me with Lights

At the age of 25 I left the city in which I'd grown up, knowing that I would never return. In the years that have passed from then to now, I have never once ached for it so intensely and completely as I do for New York.

It is an all-consuming, palpable yearning not dissimilar from the pain of a broken heart.
It buzzes in my chest and knocks the breath out of me.

What kind of magic does this city command that it has so utterly taken over my soul?


Doug said...

I was going to say, "Drop what you are doing and get back here!" but I realize that my cheerleading won't so shit.

Do you have a plan to come back?

feed the girl said...

Yes. Later this year. After I've sold that extraneous kidney and taken on more shifts at the 'parlour'.