Thursday, April 08, 2010

My, my, my...

Aren't we angsty.

Reading over the last few entries in my much-neglected blog, this is the impression I am left with. If one were to know only the 'me' that is presented here - self-deprecating, intense, lonely - one could be forgiven for finding me a little tedious.

But I am still here, under all those doleful entries, I promise. Eating popcorn in bed and watching Gossip Girl late into the night, making droll comments on friends' facebook pages on my iPhone, and hiding toy wrestlers in compromising positions around the house to be discovered at unexpected moments by my reluctant housemates.

So all is not as it may, at first read, seem.


I'm even buying a kitten.


King Kong said...

Me thinks the fact that you are still playing with dolls and placing them in compromising positions is still a fairly good indication that you've got a ways to go to impress on others that you are not your blog. Try farting.
I have often found that a public release of gas is something which brings more than a handful of people some joy. If it doesn't, they are not really your friends and they probably shouldn't be allowed access to you blog.

The Girl said...

Mr Kong,
Ain't it the truth.
xx The Girl.