Saturday, January 26, 2008

Heath Ledger

I've been uncertain whether I should post anything about Heath Ledger's death for the past few days, but I find myself unable to continue posting without making some reference to it. I know that in the future I will look back on this blog as a kind of chronicle of my life and experiences around the time in which it was kept and I will feel ashamed at myself for not acknowledging his passing in some way.
I've followed his career and successes with great interest and, while I'm not about to claim I knew him in any way (I didn't, but we went to neighbouring high schools and I know many people who did), I've found myself feeling really shocked, disappointed and saddened by his death.
So I've decided to post the tributes to Heath written by his family that were printed in the Friday edition of the West Australian newspaper, because they are so beautiful and, in my opinion, more relevant than any of the minute-by-minute details being posted all over the web at the moment.

From his father:
"'Heatho,' 'Beef,' . . . my beautiful boy, so loving, so talented, so independent, so caring, so young . . . no more chess games mate . . . this is it, couldn't beat you anyway!
My body aches for the sound of your voice, our chats, our laughs and our life and times together."
Your truly varied artistic skills, insatiable desire to improve and eclectic abilities set you apart from any other person on the planet . . . it had only just started for you … and for us to further enjoy. We were one, in soul and commitment. Just . . . Father and Son. I will love you forever, Dad."

From his mother:
"Our darling boy, special in so many ways to all of us. You knew you were so loved. You lived life with courage and daring and we are so grateful for the wonderful times we shared. We will be there for Matilda. Your loving Mamma, Rog and Ash."

From his older sister:
"I can hardly breathe when I try to write this. We were the ultimate in soul mates. I feel both my heart and life have been torn apart. I loved our special talks, our daily chats from where ever you were in the world.
I especially loved all the precious time we spent together. We were so fortunate to have you as long as we did. You were so many things to so many people, but to me you were just my little brother.
There will never, ever be another "Heath" and I think that in itself is the greatest tragedy.
I will continue to talk with you everyday and love you just as if you were here. You will never leave my thoughts "Roast", ever."

From his younger sister:
"You're my idol, my hero, but most importantly, my loving big brother. I'll treasure every moment we spent together. I love you Heath, I miss you and pray every night you're safe."

From his whole family:
"How do we describe our sudden and tragic loss? … You were the most amazing individual "old soul" in a young man's body.
You so loved us, as we dearly loved you. As a close knit and very private family unit we have observed you so determined yet quietly travelling in your self-styled path in life, nothing would get in your way … no mountain too tall, no river too wide.
You dreamed your dreams and lived them with passion and intelligent commitment. We have been privileged to accompany you on a ride through life that has simply been amazing and through it all, we have loved each other beyond imagination.
Your true legacy lives on in beautiful little Matilda, who will always remain in the greatest of care. Our hearts are broken . . . Dad and Ines, Mum and Roger, Kate and Nathan, Rori and Scarlett, Ashleigh, Olivia, Elana and Nadia."


Iron Pugilist said...

Anything from Michelle Williams?

feed the girl said...

Not in the West Australian paper, no. It was just family and friends. I'm guessing she'd probably be reluctant to write anything publicly anyway.