Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tourist Information

I found this lying on the ground at the Bourke St tram stop while waiting for the 112. I can't say I entirely agree with the writer's somewhat limited recommendations for tourists, although I have to concede that Acland St does have some great cake shops. But I don't know that I'd put Luna Park on my list of top places to see - unless you're a fan of cheesy horror films, in which case St Kilda Beach probably is worth a visit too.
And on that note, shouldn't the recommendation be to go to the beach before gorging oneself on cakes? Perhaps the writer didn't have the reader's best intentions at heart after all.


Doug said...

Hey Girl,

As my second fan (I'm my first fan)I think you should know that I am secretly in love with you.

I have spent 15 million dollars flying back and forth to Australia, dropping crumpled up love notes on the ground, hoping you would find them.

To keep my wife from figuring our what I was up to, I wrote the notes in code.

Finally, you found one of my notes. It de-codes like this:

Hello Feed the Girl,
I am so in love with you. "Delicious Cakes" I hope we can go to the beach. Maybe someday we can be together and eat cottage cheese. Love, HolyJuan

feed the girl said...

Could it be soy cheese? Dairy products make me look like ET.

PS: I was so excited to get your comment I peed a little.

Doug said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Doug said...

NO WAY! I came back to your site about a gizzillion times to see if you replied!

When you hadn't immediately replied, I went into a horrific depression and had a sex change to cleanse myself of my feelings for you.

I'm going to either get this reversed or become a lesbian.

(I guess I could have checked the box in the comments to get follow up e-mails sent to me so I know when you reply.)