Sunday, April 13, 2008

Street style - Brunswick St boys


Anonymous said...

A nice shot, but your framing needs some work.

feed the girl said...

Thankyou. I'm still learning to navigate the technical side of my photos - that is, all the button pressing and dial turning that comes after choosing my subjects. I'll do some reading into framing :-)

Anonymous said...

It's a relatively minor quibble, and I only bring it up because I really like it. I wouldn't bother commenting on some teenager's myspace happy snaps.
The guy on the left makes the shot for me. Deliberately but playfully violating aesthetic distance with his contrived pigeon toed stance and hunched posture, but charms you anyway.
You are obviously very good at making strangers feel at ease, but a certain awkwardness persists that you need to recognize and overcome when you're taking the shot. Walking up to complete strangers in the street does make a fairly challenging task though :)