Thursday, May 22, 2008

On a Perfect Day in Retail: Afterword

It would seem that one of my previous, somewhat politically incorrect entries has been the cause of displeasure in a number of readers. To illustrate:

Anonymous said...
To the retail bitch who whinges about her potential customers... I say... hey without us annoying shoppers you wouldn't have a job lady! Thanks for being so helpful, you'll get no commission from me...<
Love "one size does not fit all". At least my food stays down...

I feel the need to make a few things clear.

Unfortunately for me, when I write I'll willingly forgo self-preservation for the sake of honesty. I'm not afraid to express a particular sentiment where others may decide it best not to.
So writing about the thoughts that occasionally go through my head during my 9-hour days of standing in a tiny space, giving all my care and attention to the complete strangers who walk into my shop, does not mean that these are thoughts I would ever voice, or in fact would have any desire to. Nor are they any different to the private, negative little thoughts that everybody has on a daily basis.
The difference is, I decided to reveal mine for your reading pleasure (or displeasure, it would seem).

But as an addendum to that entry I'd like to say this:
I love my job. Because making women of any age and shape feel good about themselves is a wonderful experience. It's also a service that is largely under-appreciated, due in part to the general perception of sales girls as commission-chasing Barbies. And they do exist, but paradoxically they are the sales assistants who earn their bosses the least amount of money. I, however, earn my bosses a good deal of money because I don't actually care about making money (and for the record, I earn no commissions or bonuses, just a flat, hourly rate). I think all women are stunning, and it breaks my heart when I hear a woman say she'll buy that beautiful dress after she's lost a few pounds, or a teenage girl admit her mother thinks she's fat.
Incidentally, the final, particularly nasty thought expressed in that entry did not materialise in response to the customers weight, but rather to what she was doing to the unpurchased clothes she was trying on; specifically stretching them beyond all recognition with her hands and aggressively pulling at them with no concern for their mass-produced welfare.

So, if I have offended, think but this and all is mended;
I didn't really mean it.


Anonymous said...

Is that you Tom? You always were a stupid snide cunt.

JMHM said...

Hahaha.. Don't even sweat it... The people complaining are those who feel guilty when you draw up the archetypes of bad shopping. As I see it, you were just trying to make a point of "let's be just a bit more considerate", and the asswipes complaining won't ever understand a message of that character. That said - fun blog, I really enjoy reading it ('tis my first day), and you look really hot on the profile pic ;)

Anonymous said...

Of course we would have a job without those customers. Because they are a small percent who don't give us any business anyway. Geez.

Anonymous said...

Hey I left the other post to be a bit provocative, thinking that you would ignore it. Nice reply. I'm impressed. You've earnt my respect! :)

Anonymous said...

Wait.. are you talking about tom jellyneck?